Terms & Conditions


Fees for all of classes should be paid at time of booking.  Places are only secure with payment (and if a new client the registration form filled in). No refunds will be made for bookings cancelled before the class.

If you are unable to attend the classes please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to fill the place and in that instance a refund can be made. Missed weeks will not be refunded. If you miss two or more weeks of our Scentwork classes (beginner classes) then you may not be allowed to continue, you will be too far behind to catch up. Please speak to me if this is likely to happen before booking your place.

Where classes are cancelled due to bad weather or illness, the class will be rescheduled where possible or a refund for that class will be made. Notification of cancellation of a class will be made by text and/or email with as much prior notice as possible.  Please check your mobile/emails for texts/emails prior to leaving for class particularly in bad weather.  

Our classes have a minimum number of 4, if the class does not have this the class won't go ahead and anyone booked in will be offered a place on our next block or a full refund.

Registration Forms

If you are a new client a Registration Form (or as requested by Borders Canine Training) must be filled out within 48 hours of an order to confirm your place. I will email you as a reminder within 24 hours (where possible) and a text message will be sent before the 48 hours. If no registration form is filled out in this time frame your place is no longer secure and the order will be cancelled.

On rare occasions venues may need to be changed, as much notice will be provided by Borders Canine Training if this is the case. If we need to change venue during a block of classes refunds for anyone who can't come to the new venue will be offered. If the block is yet to start then we will again provide as much notice as possible but no refunds can be made. 


Ensure your dog is wearing a collar or harness and bring a suitable lead (see our list of unacceptable equipment below)
We welcome family members including children (see ours notes on Children and dogs below)
Please ensure you bring a supply of poop bags and pick up and appropriately dispose of any poop.

We do undertake some training outside in our Level 2 & Scentwork classes even in winter so please bring suitable waterproofs and footwear.

If your dog isn't coping with the class environment (such as reacting, showing signs of stress or aggressive behaviours) then you will be asked to leave. This in the best interest for you, your dog and everyone else, the decision to ask you to leave will be made by Borders Canine Training on each dog and is final. We will try to arrange a 1-2-1 session to the amount you have paid but cannot promise this and no refund can be given. 


We ask that all dog's attending our classes are fully vaccinated however we don't ask for proof of this, if your dog isn't vaccinated you are attending our classes at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any ill health due to this.

Borders Canine Training is proud to use force-free, reward based training methods and as such will not condone the following in classes:-

Choke/Check Chain
Prong/Pinch Collar
Electric Shock Collar
Retractable leads for safety reasons
Chain leads for practical reasons
Rope/Slip leads 

We DO NOT allow the use of

rattle bottles or cans
water pistols
or other aversive tools 

We do not allow the dogs to be pushed into position or any form of physical punishment including lead jerks, smacks, taps or pinning down of your dog.

If you do this in any of our classes you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

However we are willing to work with you to learn the positive methods if you are willing to learn. 


Flat collars
Training leads
Strong canvas or leather leads
Training lines
Harnesses with front and back rings
Toys including balls and soft toys
Food rewards

Children are most welcome to our classes and we encourage them to participate and teach them how to interact with dogs in a safe manner.  However, there are some important safety considerations to highlight:-

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Children must not approach the other dogs in the class unless they are asked to by the instructor/owner.  This is for their safety. 
Children are encouraged to participate in the training with their dog but must be supervised at all times..

If your dog has to go to the vet due to sickness or injury please advise the vet you are attending classes and seek their advice.  Please do not bring your dog to class as sickness can be passed on and injured dogs may not feel up to undertaking training.  If in doubt please contact us. We will where possible include you in the next set of classes if you are likely to miss a few weeks however we cannot guarantee this and the weeks you miss cannot be refunded. 

Bitches in season must stay at home for the duration of the season and we will accommodate the missed classes in the next session where possible however we cannot guarantee this and the weeks you miss cannot be refunded. 



Payment is required to confirm your appointment. Travel is charged at £0.60 per mile each way from TD4 6EF and is due at time of booking if the appointment is not at the training centre in Selkirk. If you purchases the incorrect travel value a admin fee of £10 will be added on top of the total due (this will be required before the visit).


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment within 48 hours, the payment for session is not refundable or transferable (you will loss you money) however the travel charge will be refunded. If you make a new appointment then full payment is due again. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment over 48 hours then a full refund/next appointment can be made with the purchase already made.  

Terms and conditions on unacceptable equipment above also applies to our 1-2-1 sessions. 


Block bookings are handle per booking. Bookings are like any 1-2-1 session and will be booked in as such, you will always get all your paid sessions but we might spread them out to allow you to work on certain training. All packages that we offer must have used all appointments within three months of date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed with Borders Canine Training. ​ 


Places at workshops are not confirmed until the relevant registration form and payment in full has been received. We will confirm your place once these have been received. Fees are non-refundable unless the place can be filled by another person. 

Terms and conditions on unacceptable equipment above also applies to our workshops.

Data Protection



In accordance with the new laws (2018) we need to ask you for written permission to take your photo, by agreeing to these T&Cs you are giving us this consent. We also need your consent to have all your information and again by agreeing to these T&Cs you give us the permission to keep your details, you can at any point request your information to be deleted from our system.  

Any photos taken will/can be used by Borders Canine Training for advertising or any other means that they need, if you do not wish for your photos to be used YOU MUST state this before attending our classes or workshops. You can view our Privacy Policy by clicking HERE 

These Terms and Conditions will supercede all other agreements, written or oral, previously made between the Client (you) and Borders Canine Training.